Monopoly Live is one of the most entertaining and highly profitable online casino games from the house of Evolution Gaming. The best part of this game is the unique combination of live casino gaming and Monopoly. The wheel for the monopoly live casino game is often spun by attractive real time live dealers. You can sit back at your home and enjoy all the fun of the fascinating Monopoly game at various trusted online gambling sites. Betting over the game needs some great knowledge and serious strategy.

Crickex Monopoly Live

Since monopoly is a professional casino game, the players need some good gaming knowledge and also plan for the game strategically to win big.

How to Play a Monopoly Live Casino Game?

Here is a quick and easy guide to play the Monopoly Live Game

You should definitely start off by the notion that Monopoly Live is not extremely difficult ro extremely easy to play. All you have to do is place chips on a particular number that your intuition says the wheel will stop at. Now the live dealer or the presenter will spin the wheel and if you have predicted correctly, the wheel will stop at that particular number and the player wins a prize. A player can place bet on the following numbers or segments:

1, 2, 5, 10, CHANCE, 4 ROLLS, 2 ROLLS.

Here is the payout details for each of the number or segment:

  • For 1: 1X times the bet you place
  • For 2: 2X times the bet you place
  • For 5: 5X times the bet you place
  • For 10: 10X times the bet you place
  • For 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls : Bonus games

Apart from these, there are also Chance segments in the game. Players can even bet on these segments. If the wheel stops at the chance segment and the player has placed a bet on the same, the player gets a cash prize. If the wheel lands two consecutive times on the Chance, the cash prize of the player gets multiplied. If you want to win options for bonus games, the only chance is you win 2 rolls or 4 rolls.

3D casino online monopoly live games are extremely popular these days especially among young age players.

Strategies for the Best Performance at the Monopoly Live Casino Game

Win high with the right tips and hacks.Here are some of the quick strategy points to keep in mind for playing Monopoly live casino games:

Segment 1 offers the highest winning probability. The most possible wheel spin outcomes lies in segment 1. The segment 10 offers very high payout but many players also avoid this region because it has very high volatility

If you have observed the game quite closely, one of the most shocking revelations about the game is that, 1 out of every 9 spins in the game will result in either 4 rolls, 2 rolls or the chances. Definitely these segments are much more profit yielding.

Statistics say that 1 out of every 13 times the wheel is spinned will offer the players the chance of an extra bonus game. When it comes to the lowest probability of winning, it the segment  4. It is advisable not to place your bets on 4 because it has a very low winning probability. For segments 1 or 2, the chance of landing is close to 68%

The best strategy for winning high at the Monopoly live casino game is to focus on and pay greater emphasis on the volatility of the game. Considering the probability of landing is very important when you are planning for the perfect game strategy. Also, the first step towards successful game completion is calculating your budget. Players should have a fair idea of their budget – how much are they willing to bet. The ultimate target should be to find ways for making easier and less expensive landings possible in the game plan.

Final Thoughts

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